vacuum trucks

Vacuum trucks were originally constructed to eliminate water from man-made and natural currents to decrease the effects of flooding; however, due to the evolution of high ability and higher flow vacuum methods vacuum trucks, you will find now recent software for all these vehicles. Among those ways to allow them to be utilized is at the treatment of underground wires.

Traditional Procedures

To be able to support underground wires, employees must dig through a few feet of dirt prior to having the ability to get into the wires, and it can be a back-breaking and time-consuming procedure. Utilizing automated machines to accelerate digging, including a digger derrick or backhoe, has the capability to add further harm to the cable which needs to be mended and possibly even lead to harm to other wires which are still in great working condition. Because of the quantity of work and risk involved with servicing underground wires, a new way of unearthing them has been created using a high flow vacuum program.

How it Works

A high speed, higher power process is essentially a gigantic vacuum program on wheels along with the vehicle is equipped with two methods. The very first one is a high pressure pump that’s paired with a source of clean water; the next is a high flow vacuum that’s joined to a huge holding tank.

Both of these systems operate in tandem whenever the equipment is employed to get a grinding operation. The pump is used to burst water to the floor which is to be discovered. A team operates the jet spray to loosen up and reduce the chunks of dirt, which makes them simpler to suction. The water also acts as a lubricant for the loose dirt since it travels within the system, maintaining the vacuum from readily wearing out.