What Will Replace Cash for Small Payments?

But charge cards possess their limits. They aren’t acceptable for purchases of electronic content costing significantly less than just a few dollars per transaction (micro-payments) 핸드폰소액결제사이트. The card system isn’t cost efficient for calculating charge amounts that are small, and the transaction amount is about US$10.

To market digital information, another payment system is necessary. Programmers created? e-money,? Allowing customers to buy items online supported by the supplier that was e-money. To whom customers provided their credit-card amounts for tokens, there has been the prospect of fraud on the part of the suppliers.

A lot of those early efforts to make e-money mechanisms for handling micro-payment trades schemas met with company failure (e.g., ancient micro-payment sellers like Flooz, Benz, Digicash). For company cases that were attainable, the failures occurred because the retailers had to execute requirements, and also the clients had to prepay. It was just too tough to execute, and not really worth the (then) small earnings streams on the web.

However, the situation is a lot different today 휴대폰소액결제업체. New micro-payment services make it possible for clients to set up accounts tied to their chequing and savings account reaching a completely new section of customers. Micro-payment also has yet another future for a substitute for money to pay for services and goods in the stores, cafes, pubs, libraries, printers, pharmacies, sports centers, photocopying and laser-printing stores, in addition to for taxi and bus fares, or for any purchase where coins are utilized.