How to Deal With A Breakup

Some people can easily overcome a breakup and forget their ex-boyfriend in just a matter of weeks, but some others slump for so many months, even years, out of the shackles of heartache from a breakup, dealing with depression and desperate behaviors like going to amsterdam escorts. A healing process will never begin if you just stay and do nothing.


Don’t underestimate the power of prayer. This is not a matter of something spiritual or religious, but a real psychological process. By saying a prayer, you allow yourself to accept the reality, accept all the pain, give it up willingly and, most importantly, forgive yourself.

Perform positive activities

Search and do physical activities that drain the mind and energy. Start exercising, maybe fitness, swimming or jogging with your friends. Besides you will feel healthier, physical activity is the best place to channel your negative emotions in a positive form. Explore lost hobbies again. There must be some interests, ambitions or hobbies that have been buried since there started dating, either because they are too busy or contrary to the interests of the lover at that time. This is the right time for you to re-explore and burn the fire of ambition.

Meet your friends

One of the most important things in the healing process is telling you how you are feeling and avoid feeling as much as possible so that you have time to reflect alone. Surround yourself with friends and have fun. Contact friends who haven’t seen you in a long time. Contact them through Facebook and arrange an appointment for a small reunion.

Furthermore, you also have to start meeting new people. Open yourself and don’t close relationships. Meeting new people will give you a new experience. When you are surrounded by a pleasant new atmosphere, it will be difficult for you to be able to think of the sad past.